Friday, April 17, 2009

A girl can only hope!

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have blogged. Things have been busy with my stepdaughters here. It is their spring break and we had them for the past week. Will definitely have to pop in over the weekend to update. Not much really going on in terms of the IF plans. Just playing the waiting game for the referral to go through so hubs can have the SA done. Otherwise same ole, same ole.

On a funny note, silly me starting thinking "maybe the HSG opened my tubes up and something happened this cycle." My breasts are sore and have gotten a lot bigger than they normally do plus I have been cramping horribly throughout the cycle. So you know how we start to try to interpret signs and keep hope alive. Well after reading that these can all be early pregnancy symptoms I psych myself into POA and of course got a BFN. I was too busy laughing at myself to be upset. Not only have I no clue when I ovulated (I stopped charting when I learned about the tube blockage) but my period was not due for another week. Anyways, a girl can always hope can't she. I guess the cramping is still remants from the HSG and God only knows what is up with my boobs?!

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