Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Yes, I am definitely one of the most impatient people on earth. One of my closest friends on earth is always teasing be about how I am never able to wait for anything. So of course I am dying waiting for my husband to have his semen analysis. My RE sent the paperwork for the lab and I was all set thinking that hubs could just pop in this week and get that done. Well, of course I forgot about one little piece - Tricare. Those who are in the military know that pains associated with our lovely military insurance. Do not get me wrong, for the most part Tricare has been great with my entire IF work-up and covered everything. It really has its benefits. However, things like IF have to be referred out and I assimed that DH would be covered under my refferal. Well apparently he needs to get his own referral to have the semen analysis. So now we wait. He cannot get into the clinic to get the referral until the 13th of this month. Then we have to wait for a week before the referral goes through. So we are looking at another 2-3 weeks before he gets the analysis. This is killing me. I wanted to just go ahead and pay out of pocket for it and forget about Tricare, but DH is such a saver so he wants to let the insurance pay for as much as it will because as we go down the IF road there will be thing Tricare does not cover. I hate when he makes sense. So here I am waiting - impatient me. Waiting is definately not one of the things that I do best!

Probably a good time to stay grounded by thinking of the things I am grateful for:

  1. Ability to pursue my PhD. Has been a dream of mine and I am so blessed to have this opportunity.
  2. Common sense - I have realized that there are soo many people out there that do not have this which makes it difficult for them.
  3. God - I draw strength from his love.
  4. The bakery around the corner that has free WIFI. I spend countelss hours there getting things I shouldn's and working on stuff for school.
  5. My super-supportive husband. I have been reading about husbands who are not 100% on board with the TTC efforts. I could not imagine doing this without my husband's support.


  1. Wow! You're gtting your PhD?!?! You rock!

    I feel your pain on the waiting thing, I'm the same way and IF is a creul exercise in patience! It sucks!

    Hoping your hubby's SA gets here soon and that the results are great!

  2. You're *getting* your PhD and I can't spell ;)

  3. Hopefully by now you have seen that I can't spell either! I am also grateful for spell-check!

  4. Hope the referral comes around and everything gets done the way it should...love the list of things you are thankful for.

    Be a Dr. __________soon, lady! All the very best!